Enlarged Prostate Treatment - Heck I Didn't Even Know I Had a PSA Level Let Alone What It Should Be...


Some men have complained this site has too many words. Their wives have been telling me that some men can be very simple.

So - I'll try to make this Enlarged Prostate Treatment page very simple.

enlarged prostate treatmentHere is Me BEFORE My Doctor Told Me I Had High PSA Levels.

Notice how happy I look...

Not a care in the world...

Full of the joys of spring!



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Here I Am AFTER My Doctor Told Me; "Chris, your PSA levels are so high there is a 1 in 4 Chance that you have Prostate Cancer."

Notice how sad I look. I felt as if my world had come to an end!



SIDEBAR: I studied everything I could about getting a healthy prostate and finally wrote a book about it. Oh and I did all the things in my book. It worked! My prostate symptoms went away!

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This is Me TODAY! 

I  Am Happy Again!

I  Am Full of Energy!

And I Am Really Loving Life!

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