preventing prostate cancer

Preventing Prostate Cancer

When it comes to Preventing Prostate Cancer helping to eliminate toxins from the body and keeping the prostate in working order is one of the steps that you should take.

How can you do this? By drinking water. Watch My Prostate Video 

Adequate water consumption is of even greater importance for those who already have prostate cancer.

You see, certain hormones affected by the cancer also regulate bodily processes like water regulation, and when your body is dehydrated, these hormones are unable to work effectively.

When you feel thirsty it is a sign that your body is already dehydrated; so don't wait until you feel the urge make sure that you keep drinking water throughout the day.

I suggest that you drink at least 8 of water each day can help to maintain good health and a strong immune system to help in your battle against prostate cancer.

What You DON'T Drink is Just as Important as What You DO Drink.

Stealing Your own Vitality - Soda Drinks.

If you were to design a 'Wanted' poster  for a villain in America's obesity epidemic, most nutritionists tell you to put a cold, bubbly glass of soda pop on it."Soda pop is a quintessential junk food," said Michael Jacobson, who heads the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which lobbies for government restrictions on foods it considers unhealthy. "It's just pure calories, and no nutrients. It's like a bomb in our diet."

So, it stands to reason doesn't it that if you want a healthy prostate, but you keep consuming gallons of 'liquid poison' you are on a fast road to nowhere.

Another Prostate Culprit - Coffee.

Yes I know - coffee tastes great BUT... the caffeine in coffee leaches calcium from the bones and increases the risk of osteoporosis. If you're a heavy coffee drinker, you may want to consider switching to decaf, or restrict your coffee to two cups a day. You could also add milk or take a calcium supplement.

Not to Mention Alcohol.  Sorry for those of you that love your beer, wine and spirits but it is a FACT that alcohol can also lead to the depletion of vitamin E, C and B vitamins. Vitamins that you need fora healthy prostate.

Tea Makes You Pee. Tea is a diuretic and can cause you to use the bathroom way more than water will.

Now before you start complaining: No soda pop! No alcohol! No coffee or tea! Stop and think for a moment. Isn't your health far more important than any of these?

Try this: For the next 30 days, drink nothing but pure, filtered water. You will be utterly astonished at the effects it will have on how you feel. The odds are that your skin will improve, you will find yourself sleeping better, you will have more energy and feel less constipated.

Getting and maintaining a healthy prostate is not an impossible task. Whatever you do, don't ignore the advice of your doctor but do make sure you stop drinking things that poison your system!

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