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RE: Natural Prostate Treatments

Dear Friend,

It all started last year when I had a 'routine' blood test and my doctor said something about checking my PSA levels...

Now it was 24 hours later and he had called me and said;

"Chris, please come to the surgery as soon as possible. We need to talk."
Less than 60 minutes later I was in his office. He sat in his chair reading the report from the blood lab.

"Chris, this blood test says that your PSA levels are 6
and they should only be ..."

PSA levels? 

What the heck!

Just 24 hours ago I didn't even know that I had a PSA level to begin with - let alone what it should be!

What my doctor said next made my blood run cold.  

"With a reading like this, you have a 1 in 4 chance of having Prostate Cancer."

I felt like I had been punched in the guts. I was devastated.

prostate treatments

Your Prostate Gland - Where It Is and What It Does...

The prostate is a small round sex gland and muscle, approximately the size of a walnut, weighing between 15-20g. The prostate has a vital role to play in the male reproductive system.

The prostate is located directly below your bladder and wraps around tubing, called the urethra.

The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder and the flow of semen through the penis.

The Function of Your Prostate

One of the primary functions of your prostate is to produce secretions that form part of the semen and eventually nourishes and protects your sperm.

Just before you experience an ejaculation, these prostatic secretions are squeezed into the urethra from ducts in the prostate gland, where it mixes with the sperm when your prostate is working as a muscle, it helps propel semen out of the body.

13 Possible Symptoms That Indicate You Have Prostate Problems
  1. You experience a burning sensation when urinating
  2. You get interrupted sleep due to the constant need to urinate at night
  3. You experience a weak urine flow
  4. You find that you cannot empty your bladder completely
  5. You experience pain, hesitancy or urgency to urinate
  6. You see blood in your urine
  7. You have lower back pain
  8. You feel uncomfortable when sitting
  9. You experience pain in the testicles groin or penis
  10. You feel pain when ejaculating or during sex
  11. You have a constant itchy feeling in your penis
  12. You experience difficulties getting an erection or impotence
  13. You notice a decrease in sexual desire


 natural prostate treatments normal prostate

Normal Prostate

 inflamed Prostate

Inflamed Prostate

 enlarged Prostate

Enlarged Prostate

Anyway...I Walked Out of  My Doctor's Office That Day Feeling Totally Numb Inside... As if a 'Malicious Giant Hand' Had Suddenly Reached Down Deep Inside Me and Torn My Life in Two.

I have been an Internet marketer for 8 years now and so, when I got home, I did what any good Internet Marketer would do - - I started looking up terms like "Prostate Cancer" and Prostate Cancer Treatments" on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Bad move.  There was so much hype, pseudo-science and 'Miracle' cures on offer I was quickly left feeling even more confused.

Not to mention the various medical options and horrendous 'treatments' I read about that left me feeling as if I had ran out of reasons to live!


I have just finished the Prostate Secrets Report and must say that it is a real eye opener of a read.

I have been concerned about this issue (you see I am 51 years old this year) and my mother passed away at only 62 from lower stomach cancer so this topic is near and dear.

I loved what I read on page 33 about Exercise and TV (very good point!).

Thanks again

Jeff Miles, Sydney - Australia


I Felt That It Was So Unfair! One Minute I Hadn't 
a Care in The World and Now This...

I am only 47 and have 5 beautiful kids. The thought of leaving them, especially my youngest, who is only 6 years old, was gut-wrenching.

I still dont know if it was a coincidence or psycho-somatic but almost immediately I started to develop symptoms. I was having to pee about 25 times a day and even then it was just a trickle.

So I decided to get really serious and threw myself into reading everything I could get my hands on in relation to getting and maintaining a healthy prostate.

I spent weeks on end cooped up in my office, reading literally thousands of pages of information, articles, reports, studies, etc.

What I discovered stopped me dead in my tracks and filled me with determination and hope! I also realised a shocking fact...

If You Are a Man That Doesn't Understand the Natural, Drug-Free Approach to Getting a Healthy Prostate, You Could Be Playing 
'Russian Roulette' With Your Health...

Perhaps the worst thing for me personally when I first started studying about "How to Have a Healthy Prostate" was the various medical treatments I read about and their terrible side effects.

Seriously, reading about some of the possible side effects left me feeling utterly drained.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that there were

Dozens and Dozens of Natural Prostate Treatments  Any Man Can Use to Get a Healthy Prostate and Keep It That Way - Starting Today!

To be honest, when I started, I had no intentions whatsoever of creating a natural prostate treatments report for others to read. That was the very last thing on my mind. My sole concern was what can I do to stop these terrible symptoms, get my prostate healthy and keep it that way??


Being an expert in the field of nutritional supplements for the past 10 years and health professional

I consider the information in 'The Prostate Secrets Report' to be essential reading for every man on the planet.

Chris gives an excellent summary of some simple ways to avoid this killer disease. I have known Chris for many years now and have seen the dramatic improvement in his health resulting from those chilling words "You have about a 1 in 4 chance that this is cancer."

The research Chris has conducted and his implementation of that theory into his own life is a message that is potentially life-saving!!

Adam Gilbert, Psychologist

As I studied, I started compiling my notes and a few months later I realized that I had the makings of a great report.

Also, based upon my own dramatic results (It took me 3 months to lose all symptoms and feel healthier than I had at any time in the previous 12 years) I thought I had a responsibility to share my findings with as many men as possible.

Before I tell you what my report does cover, I just want to reassure you about something:

I Want to PROMISE You That 
The Prostate Secrets Report Does NOT Contain...

  • Any un-proven 'Miracle' cures or wild claims!
  • An anti-doctor/medical bias
  • You won't be encouraged to just ignore your prostate condition and use positive thinking to make it disappear (yes one report I read actually suggested that!).

Here's What You Will Discover When You Read The Prostate Secrets Report...


My Own Prostate Story and how it changed my life completely (Pages 1-4)

Function and Diseases of the Prostate - what does your prostate do? (Page 5)

The Three Main Prostate Problems explained in simple, easy-to-understand English (Pages 5-10)

The Prostate Condition That Affects At Least 50% of All Men Over The Age Of 40 But many of them don't even realize it! (Page 8)

Two Important Tests to determine if you are at risk of developing Prostate cancer (Page 9)

What Every Man Should Know About Prostate Problem Prevention and why if you do this one thing you can preserve your libido, bladder control and fertility (Page 11)

The Vital Link Between Your Prostate and Your Diet and the amazing impact a western diet is having on people in Asia (Pages 12-14)

10 Vitamins Every Man Should Take. You'll learn what they are and how they can boost your overall health. (Pages14-16)

The Healthy Drink That Prevents Prostate Cancer (Available at a supermarket near you). One study demonstrated that those who drank just 1 glass of this drink per day were 70% less likely to contract prostate cancer compared with those who didn't drink this beverage.(Page 16)

Nine Common Foods You Need to Eliminate From Your Diet if you want to boost your chances of getting and maintaining a healthy prostate. (Page 17)

12 Supplements Every Prostate Sufferer Should Know About and why what's healthy for your heart is healthy for your prostate. (Pages 18-22)

The Shocking Link Between Your B____ W_____ and Your Prostate Health. Unfortunately for the big drug companies, this number one solution to prostate health doesn't come in a bottle. Learn what it is and how vitally it can impact your prostate starting today! (Pages 22-26)

The Prostate Study of 70,000 Men that revealed what one group of men did to reduce their incidents of aggressive prostate cancer by a staggering 40%. (When you learn what they did you'll feel like dancing a jig!) (Pages 25-26)

The Healing Power of Water and why EVERY prostate sufferer needs to know what to do when it comes to water intake (Pages 27-32)

One of the Most Important Things Any Man Can Do to Improve the Health of His Prostate and 7 specific ways you can start implementing this life-changing habit today! (Pages 33-36)

Prostate Cancer - Survivability VS Quality of Life and the decision that only you can make when it comes to the various treatment options available. (Page 37-38)

Prostate Surgery and Post Surgery Complications - This section takes the uncertainty out of what can be a very frightening body of information for many men. (Pages 39-41)

Resources That Every Man Should Know About to Gain and Maintain a Healthy Prostate Gland!

Plus, if you order today, you'll also get a free bonus report: The Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report. Which sells elsewhere for $19.97.


Chris Bloor and I have been close personal friends for nearly to 10 years now.

I vividly recall the day he rang me and said these chilling words: "Mate,  I've just been told I might have prostate cancer."

I called him daily and shared his pain. I'm a few years older than he is and I became deeply concerned about his health and mine. When his doctor informed him that he was not suffering from this man-killer, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and encouraged him to write this report based on his research.

To men everywhere, no matter what age you are, you MUST read this report.

Prostate Cancer kills as many of us as breast cancer kills women yet we are left in the dark by comparison. Knowledge of the symptoms and early signs of prostate cancer may save YOUR life.

I know Chris Bloor better than almost anyone and I can tell you that he is a true philanthropist; he cares more for others than he does for himself.

He has written this report from that position; caring as much for you as he does for me. Congratulations my friend on writing a report that truly will be a life-saver.

 - James Yuille



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Is that fair or what?

The Prostate Secrets Report Will Show You DOZENS of Things 

You Can Start Doing Immediately to Get and Maintain a 

Healthier  Prostate - Starting Just Minutes From Now!


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Medical Doctor's Endorsement

Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D. - Prostate Secrets Report

As a medical doctor I look at the risks and benefits of all treatments before making a recommendation. That said, the Prostate Secrets Report definitely gets my thumbs up.

It presents well-researched, scientifically balanced information with dozens of natural, drug-free ideas you can start using to improve the health of your prostate today.
Knowing that almost 90% of males will have prostate problems in their life I think every boy and man should have this information.  An ounce of prevention is definitely better than a pound of cure!

-Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D.

 Chris Bloor, Dr. Scott Saunders, & Joe Barton

Myself & Dr. Scott Saunders

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Q. I have a question that isn't listed here, can I contact you?

A. Certainly, your questions and comments are always welcome.


In closing, I want to encourage you. Being told you have prostate problems can be a frightening ordeal - even for the bravest individual. But - - it does not have to mean 'The end of life as you know it.'

Listen to your doctor. Follow his or her advice by all means but at the same time make sure that you learn all you can about how to get and maintain a healthy prostate naturally.

Warm Regards,

Chris Bloor

Chris Bloor
Prostate Secrets Report

P.S. Get your copy of the Prostate Secrets Report now and start learning about the things you can do to get a healthy prostate and keep it that way!

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Prostate Secrets Report

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natural prostate treatments 


WARNING: Avoid Expensive 'Quack' Treatments!

I recently called one of those free numbers in response to a TV Prostate infomercial and spoke to the pushy salesman of the century.

The guy basically indicated I would die unless I signed up for their horrendously expensive prostate treatment product, (for at least 12 months). I asked him what their treatment contained and he reluctantly told me some of the ingredients.

When I mentioned these to my doctor, he told me the exact same products were available for under $20 a bottle! It made me so angry! Like they were just taking advantage of people who felt frightened.

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